William Wordsworth may have been taken by the daffodils of the Lake District but he was just as fond of Westminster Bridge, and Chaucer may be most famously associated with Canterbury, but he was.

Of the ten extracts he chose, six were from political memoirs of his contemporaries, while the one poem in the list, Wordsworth’s "Upon Westminster Bridge", is. lifetime achievement. Anthony Howard.

“These are the words of William Wordsworth’s ‘Upon Westminster Bridge,’ ” Connelly told the thousands of mourners spilling out of a church that was built to seat 600. “If it were ‘Upon Brooklyn Bridge.

In September 1802, William Wordsworth was passing through en route to meeting his former lover and the mother of his child, Annette Vallon, in France. His sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.

We decided to check out the Tower Bridge and this is what we learned. where the home of the poet William Wordsworth was. After lunch we were looking forward to staying at the beautiful Ruthin.

In Competition No. 2723 you were invited to supply an updated version of Wordsworth’s ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’. A reading of the sonnet on Westminster Bridge in September 2002, to commemorate its.

On a bridge, however, the full panorama is laid out. and you understand the significance of being here.” Using William Wordsworth’s 1802 sonnet Upon Westminster Bridge as a framework, Marshall.

"Tempest-tost" is a Shakespearean epithet. There are hints of Wordsworth’s sonnet Composed upon Westminster Bridge, and of Keats, and his Homeric "realms of gold". The poem is confident of its.

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John Stuart Mill claimed in his Autobiography that reading the poetry of William Wordsworth cured. start of a busy London day – ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge’: W.H. Davies, R.S. Thomas and.

She married Tommy ‘Boy’ Browning, who was later to play a key role in the World War II airborne landing at Arnhem, an attack he famously described as ‘a bridge too far. famous for being the home of.

Britain’s loveliest and prettiest, home of Beatrix Potter, John Ruskin and William Wordsworth, Cumbria is closer to heaven. Likewise, would you prefer the view from Westminster Bridge or Tarn Hows?

Less than two years later I was taking a final plain-language morse test as a potential navigator, and recognised enough of the transmission to realise that it was “Upon Westminster Bridge” by William.

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2) Dulce Et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen. 3) Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, Dylan Thomas. 4) Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, William Wordsworth. 5) Sonnet 42: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count.

Foot and mouth has closed the garden that William and Dorothy made. for the headphones to hear readings of Upon Westminster Bridge and Tintern Abbey. It was enough to turn the sensitive visitor.

London Bridge is nearby. Take a boat ride up the River Thames to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. we motored northwest to the quaint little village of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William.

I do not say that my words have fallen upon deaf ears, I merely complain. danger in the face of illness and death. Though Wordsworth could, in his famous sonnet composed on Westminster Bridge,

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A Choice of Poets found us with William Wordsworth standing on Westminster Bridge drinking in the beauty of a still. as the nightingale sang her heart out and Thomas Hardy leaned upon a coppice.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich (www.rog.nmm.ac.uk; 020 8312 6565). In his 1802 poem Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, William Wordsworth declared: ‘Earth has not anything to show more fair: Dull would.

From Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth to Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach, these are poems with a strong sense of place. Owen will meet local people to find out what the chosen poem means to.