CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland Museum of Art has signaled a new direction in its approach to the conflict-ridden field of collecting antiquities by hiring Seth Pevnick as its new curator in charge of.

America’s museums are more than repositories of ancient Greek statues and Renaissance paintings. Warren Kanders resigned from the board of the Whitney Museum of Art, after protests over his company.

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Depicting the human form is the most challenging subject in art and sculpture is its ultimate expression. Francesco Barzaghi (estimate £400,000-£600,000) depicting the ancient Greek prostitute who.

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Photograph: AFP/Getty Images Egypt is planning to sue over the sale at Christie’s auction house in London. highest court ordered the Getty Museum in California to return an ancient Greek statue by.

These unexcavated archaeological sites are subject to the illegal use of metal detectors by collectors who remove artifacts, such as coins, for unlawful sale and profit. to make possible the.

On the heels of this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the Portland Art Museum has teamed with the British Museum to present "The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece," a collection of more than 130.

Presale tickets for the 23 rd edition of the Ancient Greek Drama Festival have opened. Six productions from distinguished theatrical ensembles from Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy and Slovenia are.

“It was a badge of the highest culture and a paragon of civilization.” In ancient Greek art, most of a great man’s features were represented as ample, firm, and shiny—so why weren’t these same.

Officials from Egypt also tried to stop the sale and have the items that are of Egyptian origin returned to their country. These items sold on Tuesday are only a part of the nearly 70 pieces that the.

The items were part of a haul of looted antiquities smuggled out of the country and put up for sale on the international art market. Italy including a 2,500-year-old Greek vase, the Euphronios.

In fact, the word “symposium”—likely to make any art historian reach for a cocktail—is derived from the ancient Greek sympinein, meaning “to drink together.” Every culture has some association with a.

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A man takes picture of a Greek flag atop the Acropolis archaeological site. Photo: LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images. Archaeologists believe they have discovered the ancient Greek city of Tenea, a.

In the wake of the worst heat wave in more than a decade, Athenians are decamping, as ever, to the Greek islands for the rest of the summer—and so is a good slice of the jet-setting art world. now.

Trained as an archaeologist, I am always a little disoriented when seeing ancient artifacts treated first and foremost as art objects. At the Metropolitan. The Christian destruction of Greek and.

Imagine, all the splendour and grandeur of the most important masterpiece of the ancient Greek World, the Acropolis.Now imagine. This charming apartment – piece of art studio – of just 45 sq.m. is.

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During these excavations, researchers found a stunning collection of ancient jewelry, some of which turned up for sale in a New York art gallery in 1993. The Greek state subsequently requested that.

There are 601 lots of expertly curated art, relics, coins and jewelry from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. and Asian Antiquities. One of the sale’s top highlights is a Greek Corinthian bronze.